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3 Best Flat-Belly Foods

Are you looking for quick ways to start slimming down for spring? Is your nutrition in need of some help? This article is for you! Let’s talk about 5 delicious flat belly foods that will help you feeling and looking your best! Get your pretty on!

1st Flat-Belly Food: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been gifted with many health benefits including its anti-bacterial, electrolyte-balancing and memory-supporting properties. Another big benefit is its fat-busting property due to its abundance of medium-chain-triglycerides which help the body to burn fat storage. This sets coconut oil apart from other healthy oils by far! Bonus points: coconut oil is very filling due its fat-content, so it makes you feel full faster and prevents over-eating!

2nd Flat-Belly Food: Avocado

Although avocado contains plenty of fat, it actually stimulates fat-burning! It turns out that avocado’s mono-unsaturated fat helps cells to communicate better with fat-busting hormones, aiding in enhanced metabolism. Also, avocado is rich in antioxidants which helps to detox and eliminate the toxins that can lead to unwanted fat. Eat an avocado a day and get the flat belly you want!

3rd Flat-Belly Food: Oyster

Did you know that oysters actually suppress appetite? This is because oysters contain plenty of zinc which is vital not only to control your appetite but also for proper digestion of food. Zinc is needed to produce sufficient amount of stomach acids necessary to break down the food that you eat. When there is a deficiency in zinc, the digestive process may not be as efficient, leading to unnecessary fat storage. Eat plenty of zinc from sources like oysters and pumpkin seeds and enjoy the flat-belly effects!

What are your favorite flat-belly foods? We’d love to hear your comments below!

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