3 Hair Mistakes You’re Making

To make sure your hair is at it’s best you need to know what it needs and what it does not. Your hair is a part of your body, and it craves moisture, food, and water just like the rest of you! Are you making hair mistakes that are costing you long, luscious, healthy locks? Read on to find out if you are making one (or all) of these hair mistakes!

1st Hair Mistake: Improper Nutrition

You are what you eat – literally! When you eat ‘bad foods’ (processed foods, starch filled foods, and sugary sweet foods) your skin and body show it through breakouts, weight gain, and slow movement. When you provide your body with the ‘good foods’ (whole grains, fruits, veggies, and nuts) your body looks better, feels lighter, and moves faster.
Your hair requires the same nutrition your body does! For example, eating eggs is good for your body by providing you with healthy fats like Omega 3. It’s also good for your hair by providing that same Omega 3 to give your hair shine, fullness, and strength. Feed your body the best diet, and you will get the best hair.

2nd Hair Mistake: Cutting It to Grow It

Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT need to cut your hair to grow it! When you cut your hair, you think that a good chop will keep you clear of split ends for longer. However, chopping your hair 2 inches and then letting it grow 5 inches longer will only cause the split ends to travel further up the hair shaft. By the time you go to the salon again for a “trim”, the stylist will let you know that the last 6 inches of your hair has got to go!
The solution to growing your hair properly is to trim a half-inch every 8 weeks. This will stop the split ends from traveling up the hair, and prevent damage from beginning. You can do this at your local salon, so that you aren’t paying a lot for a little trim.

3rd Hair Mistake: You Can’t Stop the Heat

Heat styling may save time, but it does not save your strands. This constant force of heat severely dries out hair, and causes split ends. Make time to let your hair air-dry and only blow dry it when hair is 80% dry (to avoid causing major damage). If you must flat-iron or curl your hair, spray a heat protectant all over your hair and brush through before applying heat.

Let us know if you are guilty of these hair mistakes – we won’t judge! Making small changes in your hair routine can save you a lot, and leave you with Victoria’s Secret model hair. Because at the end of the day, don’t we all just want luscious, long, flowing hair?!

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