foods that are bad for you

5 Foods That are Actually Bad for You

In this article we will uncover the truth behind some of the foods you THOUGHT were healthy, but in reality are just as bad as some foods that we know are bad for us!

1. Souped-up drinks

As you know there are many of these drinks that are being sold on shelves today, but how do these drinks measure up when it comes to watching your waistline? The truth is not much. Even though some of these drinks come loaded with vitamins, probiotics and fiber, these drinks tend to have added calories in the form of simples sugars. Our advice is: If it has more than one or two ingredients, skip it and otherwise stick to something that is simple like water or tea.

2. Premade Smoothies

These bad boys have more calories than a cheeseburger believe it or not! How? These smoothies come jam packed with extreme portions of fruits and vegetables, simple sugars and syrups. Yes, you can over eat fruits and vegetables people!

3. Trail Mix

For most people trail mix is their go-to snack as their headed out the door to face a long day ahead of them. Unfortunately if you don’t eat the right type of trail mix you could be looking at 600 calories for just two handfuls of this simple snack. Trail mix that contain candy-coated pieces, yogurt covered raisins, and deep-fried banana chips are not healthy. Instead opt for trail mixes that contain only nuts with dark chocolate and dried apricots.

4. Frozen Yogurt

This seems like a healthier option than ice cream right? Well actually it isn’t, once you add candy and other fatty toppings to frozen yogurt, you’re looking at almost the same amount of calories as an ice cream cone.

5. Granola

Just a tiny amount of granola can be loaded with trans-fat and sugar, not to mention that granola has been linked to increases in heart attacks and strokes – but that’s the processed kind. So stay away from the packaged-sugar and trans-fat filled granola, and go for the natural oats and muesli!

What do you think about this list of foods that are bad for you? Are there more foods to add to this list?

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