5 Hacks that help reduce Anxiety

Everyone stresses out from time to time or has anxious thoughts.  While we may wait for our next vacation to de-stress  there are easier and much faster ways to kick your stress good-bye. . Here are 5 Hacks that will help you reduce anxiety and de-stress.

1st Hack: Find an Anchor

It is important to find something that makes you happy whenever you fell down and out. It could be your family, the sound of laughter or even the sound of the ocean. Find your anchor and make it a part of you everyday routine

2nd Hack: You are Good Enough

It’s important to tell yourself everyday “ You are good enough” and mean it. As long as you can be happy with yourself, you shouldn’t let other people’s standards be the driving force of your happiness.

3rd Hack: Be Present

Being present and processing the moment you are in now is one of the most important thing you can do to help your anxiety. You will find that everything will run so much smoother if you take things one minute at a time. Being successful means breaking your time down into manageable portions – which will get you through the day much smoother.

4th Hack: Write It

There can be a lot of comfort in writing. Being able to write all of your feelings down is a great outlet for anxiety and stress. As you’re writing try to imagine that with every word you write, you are letting go of whatever is bothering you.

5th Hack: Count Backwards From 10

This is also a great tool for managing anxiety. Practicing this exercise every time you find yourself overwhelmed will help you relax and cope with your stress. As you count from 10 back all the way to 1 you will start to feel a sense of calmness and lifting that will relieve your stress completely. Set a mental goal that by reaching ‘1’ you’ll feel calmer, easier, etc – anything positive that you wish for yourself.

What are your favorite hacks to reduce anxiety and stress? Comment below!

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