healthy weight loss tips

5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Summer is just around the corner and we all want a body that which we can feel confident in. Here are 5 healthy weight loss tips that will whip your body into shape just in time for summer.

 1. Eat three meals and snacks a day

Eating three healthy meals and snacks will help you get through the day without feeling hungry. Remember when your parents told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day? Well it’s absolutely true! Starting your day off right with a healthy breakfast insures that your stomach keeps busy all day digesting all the foods you have eaten.

2. Add to your diet – do not eliminate

Eliminating foods while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is just a recipe for disaster. Instead of subtracting foods from your diet make sure you add tons of healthy foods like dark berries, cherries and other healthy treats you love so you don’t feel hungry throughout the day.

3. Don’t work out

What? You probably think we’re crazy, but you don’t exactly have to have a gym membership to stay in shape. Maybe what you need to do is not call it working out at all; if you call it “working out” it might just deter you from doing it. Try this instead, fill your time with doing psychical activities that you love like: biking, hiking or playing soccer. Doing this will making an otherwise daunting task fun.

5. Walk more often

Walk whenever you can. Walking can be a great and relaxing way to get some physical activity in especially when you have some great whether to accompany you. If you walk for ten minutes three times a day you have yourself a 30 min low-impact workout.

5. Lighten the foods you adore

The trick this is not to fully eliminate your favorite foods, but to simply switch them out with lower-calorie substitutes. The pizza you love will still taste as food with a smaller portion and dairy-free,  coconut-based ice cream will still taste as good with all your favorite toppings. You don’t want to completely ignore your cravings; you want to curb them with a healthier version.

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