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5 Tips to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet

Are you on a gluten-free diet and wondering what in the world can you now order at a restaurant? It may seem that virtually all items on the menu can contain gluten, whether explicitly or hidden. But! It’s not so bad after all. Stick to our tips of how to eat out on gluten-free diet and you’ll both enjoy the meal and be true to your diet.

1st Tip to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet: Turn to Sides

When the waiter comes by and announces their specials, skip the main dishes if they contain gluten and get creative with the sides! Pairing 2-3 gluten-free sides with a protein source can make a delicious meal that you’ll know be kind to your digestion!

2nd Tip to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet: New Combinations

If you’re used to eating certain combinations like pasta with meatballs, try something new and explore new combinations. For example, if there is not gluten-free pasta in the menu, opt out for shredded veggies with meatballs. This way you can still get the texture you want and enjoy the veggies in a different way!

3rd Tip to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet: Less is More

Sometimes dishes that have quite complex sauces to them can easily contain hidden sources of gluten. To solve this problem, simply ask the dish to be prepared without the sauce, or ask your choice of olive & vinegar on the side.

4th Tip to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet: Prep Work

To avoid scrambling for gluten-free options at the restaurant, do your prep work in advance. Read the latest restaurant reviews online for the city’s fave gluten-free spots and check them out!

5th Tip to Eat Out on Gluten-Free Diet: Go International

It’s easy to get in the routine of eating the same foods over and over again, yet in our day and age, it is quite simple to venture out and try international food! Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as there are many gluten-free options in different ethnic foods (think sushi, plantain chips, congee, tacos, dim sum, cabbage rolls and much more)!

What are your favorite tips on eating gluten-free? Comment below!

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