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7 Days of Beauty Transformation for Fall

Fall, the time where leaves change and all the fabulous fashion shows and trends make the season. It’s the season of change, bright colors and beauty transformation.

Every single day of the week we fall into some sort of routine which usually consist of waking up, eating, working, checking Facebook, Re-Tweeting a tweet, and blog something that sparks your interest and then going to sleep to start a new day.

Sometime falling into a routine can make you feel bland and bored. To step out of this routine, transforming yourself slowly can make you feel confident and adventurous. Let’s start Beauty Transformation together!

Sunday. Pamper your hands and feet

Taking the time for yourself on Sunday, can help you look beautiful throughout the entire week. Giving yourself a home manicure and pedicure can be the start. Trendy fall colours for this season consist of deep reds, navy, chocolate browns, and hues of soft pinks and blues.

Monday: Play with your lips

That’s right lips. Lipsticks and lip gloss can be that extra touch to tying up your look for the day. With fall-likes colours such as reds, oranges and nudes you’ll look fabulous in no time. Go ahead and experiment changing lip shades during the day to match the occasion – enhancing a super cute outfit your wearing to work, having lunch with a few friends, or evening out on a date with that special someone.

Tuesday: Eye see you

Playing with your eyes in photos maybe one thing but playing with your eyes can say little more than just being playful and seductive. Subtle eye liner on the bottom and top lids can be a start to having a deeper more mysterious look. Metallic eye shadows such as silver, cooper and gold are an extravagant trend for this season. Applying eye shadow can be sometimes a bit risky if not a burden to put on, but a few stipples with an eye shadow brush on outer third of the upper lid can provide that simple sparkle. For an evening look add a couple of falsies to give your eyelashes and your eyes a sexier look.

Wednesday: It’s a cheeky game

We’ve finally got to the middle of the week, and it doesn’t hurt to tone down your look, because, a subtle look is very trendy. A fresh face for work can be a breath of fresh air and to begin the last half of your week. With soft peaches and pinks hitting the runway this year, you can achieve that rosy cheek look without having to stand outside in cold for too long.

Thursday: It’s all about the hair

It’s that time of the week where you think “Yes! It’s Friday” but, it’s actually Thursday. To brighten that Thursday, play with your hair – this season’s trends are super versatile. From super straight, to curly, to wavy you can play with your hair every single day and maybe even practice for that Friday night date you have in store. One word of advice, make sure you don’t damage your hair,  use heat protectants and serums to provide that shiny healthy look.

Friday: Scents of a thousand roses

Knowing that it’s Friday we can jump around knowing that the forty plus hours a week is over. Playing with scents would tie up the week well. Scents of roses and berries are all the rage this season but, knowing what you like is the most important part. Also, be adventurous and try various scents to emphasize the mood that you are in. Create opportunities to play innocent, sexy, mysterious, or any other emotions you want to feel on a Friday night.

Saturday: Relax and tone down

It’s Saturday, the day where you wake up at around ten in the morning, have breakfast in bed and cozy up to your favourite television series online. It’s the day where you relax, especially after a hectic work week. So, giving your face a little TLC today will make the way for fresh new looks to come. With natural sugar scrubs and of course your weekly cleanser, you would be feeling like a million bucks for the rest of the weekend.

How do you like this beauty transformation week? Share your tips with us!

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