ways to eat more vegetables

5 Delicious Ways to Eat More Vegetables

They’re green, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and for some people, a horrible thing to eat. We all could improve on diversifying our diet and  increasing our veggie intake. Read on about how to deliciously eat more of these nutrition-packed veggies  and feel  great!

1st Way to Eat More Vegetables: Dip

Make a healthy dip for your carrots and celery. These veggies are great for your teeth, your health, and fill you up without making you feel bloated. Try making a dip by mixing your mashed veggies with plain Greek yogurt (protein!), some salt, pepper, lemon juice, and garlic. Mix together and enjoy.

2nd Way to Eat More Vegetables: Stir-Fry

Cook up a colorful stir-fry! Your least favorite vegetables can become your favorite when you toss them into a skillet of avocado oil, ginger, salt, and cayenne pepper. If you don’t like these spices, trade them in for ones you prefer. Spices are great for your health, and on top of vegetables, mask any flavors you may dislike.

3rd Way to Eat More Vegetables: Bake

Add veggies to your next baking recipe. Pinterest offers great recipes for zucchini muffins, carrot cookies, and much more. These recipes provide you a serving of vegetables in an easy to eat way. Plus, they can be great snacks for on-the-go!

 4th Way to Eat More Vegetables: Blend

Blend those vegetables into a delicious smoothie! Try adding a handful of spinach to a smoothie full of raspberries, yogurt, orange juice, and chia seeds. You can hardly taste the spinach in between all those raspberries, but you’ll reap the benefits later.

5th Way to Eat More Vegetables: Soup

Finally, you can chop and shred some veggies into a hearty soup. You can use flavored broth like beef, add chunks of your favorite meat, and add in veggies and spices. Once your soup is simmered, the vegetables will be soft and have a lighter flavor, but still pack tons of nutrients. Soups are also very filling due to high water content and are a sure way to prevent over-eating, especially in the evening!

We hope you use these ideas to make your vegetables delicious and more appetizing for you and your family! The limits are endless with how many ways you can make all these recipes. If you need more ideas to get you started, check out our Smoothies page here on the site to get more recipes!

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