5 Hair Trends That are NOT Cool Anymore

You may find that styles are constantly changing and it can be hard and expensive to keep up with current hair trends in the world of flat irons and highlights.

1. Un-clip those Extensions 

Seems like a lot of people are opting for a more natural look this season, which is why extensions shouldn’t be a part of your overall hair look. For those of you who are attempting to thicken your thin locks we recommend trying Viviscal, it is an all-natural supplement that fortifies and thickens your hair from within.

2. Ombre Out

Last summer this was THE look, but now it’s looking a little dated, opt for some highlights that frame the face. Highlights will give you more brightness around the face and make it stand out, not washed out.

3. Boho is no more

Instead of rocking hippie mermaid hair; people are slowly gravitating toward a more refined look. Hot rollers are returning, where women and girls are setting their hair and brushing it out, to achieve more volume.

5. The Side Shave

Don’t get us wrong, this style does look great if you have the face for it, but a lot of the time  trying to rock the side-shave – it doesn’t look very appealing. This look is edgy, but only works for a few. Try curling your hair instead and tuck one side behind your ear for a sleek look.

5. The “I dream of Jeannie” Ponytail

This look is a little too 1960s and not enough 2015, so instead of wearing it so high up bring your pony down to the crown of your head for a more sophisticated look. Even the infamous Jeannie herself would approve of this change!

Is there another hair trend you’re just dying to tell us about? Comment below we’d love to hear from you.

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