How To Stop Split Ends

Girl’s Guide How To Stop Split Ends

It’s simple, in order for hair to thrive, it must be free of split-ends. The good news is that you can stop them! Here are simple steps to show you how to stop split ends and have pretty hair!

1st Step to Stop Split Ends: Trim

With split ends, prevention is better because once you have them they cannot be repaired nor kept, but must be trimmed off. Harsh weather, and everyday styling and manipulation can stress the hair, weakening the ends overtime, so regularly trimming the hair, such as every 3 months will keep split ends away.

2nd Step to Stop Split Ends: Deep condition    

To prevent split ends, weekly deep conditioning should be included in your hair care routine. This will make your strands less susceptible to split ends because deep conditioning will keep them strong, healthy and prevent any potential damage you do not anticipate. Look for words like “honey”, “wheat protein”, “coconut milk”. Leave on for at least 15-30 minutes, covered with a shower cap.

3rd Step to Stop Split Ends: Handle with care

Excessive use of hot tools, shampooing and improper de-tangling techniques can cause split ends. Instead of blow-drying, blot the hair with a towel and air dry; instead of flat-ironing daily, limit this and use a heat protectant serum. Everyday shampooing is not necessary; it will strip the hair of its natural oils, drying out your tresses. When de-tangling, be gentle. Apply a de-tangling spray to loosen the tangles, then comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb, combing from the bottom to the top.

4th Step to Stop Split Ends: Moisturize and seal in the moisture

Keeping the hair moisturized is important for stopping split ends because dry hair is prone to splitting and breakage. Water = moisture, hence an effective moisturizer will be water-based [the first ingredient must be water]. Moisturize the length of your hair and your ends, then apply a light but penetrative oil like olive oil, which will seal or lock in the moisture.

What are you favorite tricks to stop split ends? We’d love to hear your comments below.

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