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Simple Ways to Effectively Reduce Anxiety

Whether  you’ve experienced a short-lived anxious moment or a full blown anxiety-attack, you probably recall that it wasn’t the most pleasant experience.  In small doses, anxiety is considered a normal emotion and may not be entirely bad. For example, it can help you to prepare for something in advance. Yet, anxiety can quickly grow into something larger and more disturbing if not managed properly.
Not to worry! In this article we’ll discuss simple ways to effectively reduce anxiety and feel good again.

1st Way to Reduce Anxiety: Regulate Blood Sugar Levels


Eating plenty of refined carbs (bread, waffles, muffins, cookies, crackers, granola bars, chips), sweets and indulging in sugar-filled drinks can sky-rocket your blood-sugar levels. This is important because elevated sugar levels have been associated with increased anxiety (among many other problems).  In fact, unstable sugar levels can  send you feeling shaky, dizzy, irritable, nervous, fatigued and can even blur your vision.
Fix: Replace refined carbs with complex carbs (whole grains), fresh fruit, raw vegetables, and make sure to eat protein with each meal to further stabilize blood sugar levels.

2nd Way to Reduce Anxiety: Eliminate Caffeine


Caffeine is a stimulant, which increases one’s alertness and perception of danger. For people already experiencing anxiety – this intensifies the response even more – increasing the heart rate, sweating and mind racing.  Caffeine also has a negative impact on blood sugar levels which further promote anxiety.
Fix: replace coffee with herbal tea (licorice and chicory will give you a rich taste, while chamomile and lavender will be very soothing).

3rd Way to Reduce Anxiety: Get Moving

reduce anxiety

When not feeling your best, it is easy to make excuses and skip the exercise. But, remember – exercise is one of the most powerful tools to help you feel better and get on track again. Aerobic exercise in particular (think dancing, running, spinning) helps to improve mental health.
Tip: pick a form of exercise that you really enjoy and don’t be afraid to try a variety of different workouts. Take your fave music with you and treat your workout like a party!

4th Way to Reduce Anxiety: Proper Posture

Standing nice and tall with your chin up and shoulder back isn’t just doing wonders for your confidence and appeal – it reduces anxiety! How?  Proper posture expands the rib cage – which allows more air into the lungs, proper breathing and adequate blood flow to the brain. It also creates a sense of balance and control, all of which reduce anxiety.
Tip: stand straight against a wall (feet, butt, shoulders and head touching the wall)  for 3 minutes twice a day to achieve proper posture. Remember to sit up straight and lift your chin up when walking.

5th Way to Reduce Anxiety Relaxation: Relax with Aromatherapy

There are many relaxation techniques like guided imagery, deep breathing and aromatherapy. With the soothing scents and a spa-like feel, aromatherapy is a great way to relax and reduce anxiety.
Tip:  Mix 5 drops of Lavender oil with 5 drops of Chamomile oil and 2 tablespoons of virgin coconut oil. Rub into feet. Enjoy the relaxing effect of this simple yet effective therapy!
Caution: As this is a very calming blend, do not drive or perform any brainy tasks after!

Have you tried these ways to reduce anxiety? Share your thoughts commenting below!


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