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Genius ways to save on Beauty Products

We girls love our beauty products. Wouldn’t it be a dream if we could somehow hack the system and get our entire beauty supply at a price that doesn’t put a hole in our pockets? Here are some handy tricks you can use to get some of your favorite products at a discounted price.

Genius ways to save on Beauty Products

1. Use to save money on Sephora Beauty products

A great way to save money on Sephora Beauty products is by using They normally offer around 4% cash back on all purchases, but it is possible to receive up to 8% for beauty products as well. This is a great trick to use because normally products at Sephora cost an arm and a leg, but at least you’ll feel better now about buying that $40.00 mascara.

 2. Cut and open tubes or bottles of product to scrape any leftover product

It’s amazing how much product is actually left over even when it doesn’t come out anymore. Crazy,  but this actually works and can potentially save you money and it’s pretty simple to do. Being a penny pincher when it comes to saving on beauty products is not cheap but smart and we encourage everyone to do so!  Looking flawless shouldn’t leave you bankrupt.

3. While shopping online, leave items in your cart overnight

Another smart tip ladies can use to save money is by leaving items in their online shopping cart overnight. Companies will often try to encourage the sale so they will prompt you to buy what’s in your cart by offering a discount or freebie on their behalf.

4. Test out travel-size products before buying full-sized ones

If you’re unsure of a product why not test it out in a travel-size rather than wasting your money on a full-size product that you may not end up liking. You may find out that the travel size product you bought is amazing and you want to buy more, either way you’re still saving money!

5. Use coconut oil as make-up remover

Coconut oil as a substitute for make-up remover is genius! You can literally buy these for 4.00 at any drugstore and it will last you practically a lifetime. What’s amazing about this penny pinching beauty tip is that it is natural and nourishing for your skin, but it also removes make-up instantly.

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